The Importance of Oil Changes For Cars – part for car performance

It is very necessary to get your car oil changed after every three thousand miles to make sure the vehicle remains in a good working condition for several years. Therefore, if you really wish to prolong your car’s life, significance of oil changes for cars cannot be ignored at any cost. Numerous benefits can be availed by incorporating regular oil changing activity in your busy routine. Regular oil changes not only help in enhancing the car’s gas mileage, but also improve engine performance and stability.The important role played by regular car oil changes in augmenting gas mileage is worth mentioning. If the oil is not changed, a lot of friction is created between the different moving parts of the engine by dirty oil. This produces heat, which in turn causes the engine to become overheated, thereby significantly reducing the mileage (miles travelled/gallon) of the car. Changing engine oil after every three thousand miles or after every 3 months is very important, also because it helps to keep the car engine clean.Cleaner engines remain functional for a much longer period of time, thereby improving the car’s performance to a great extent.Specification numbers, including the torque and horsepower, are released for brand new cars by every manufacturer to indicate the level of car performance. As the vehicle becomes old, these figures go on decreasing owing to significant amount of engine build up and deposits between moving parts. However, this issue can be overcome by regularly changing the engine oil. New oil not only facilitates the removal of engine build up and deposits, but also acts a lubricating agent for your car engine. Thus, oil changes are important for proper maintenance and functioning of your car.